Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week1 introduction - basic perspective, and cube

INTRODUCTION - scope of work, expectations, grading procedures and materials. Sketch 3 objects (car, face, and chair) in class under time constraint.

BASIC PERSPECTIVE - Warm-up and connecting freehand exercises(1,2,3 line tone variation), intro into basic shapes (cube). Rules of perspective and their implications, 1,2,3 point convergences.

DEMO - good line/ bad line, curves and ellipse
wire cubes in perspective, gradation, monochromatic pencil rendering,

ASSIGNMENT : 1page(letter size) - redo one of 3 objects with ID lines.
15pages(letter size) - Good mix of CUBE-shaped objects from observation and imagination - min3 max5 objects per page - be creative!!

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