Monday, January 19, 2009

Week4 Glass, Wood, and Chrome objects

  • TRANSPARENT SHAPES - study transparent objects, high lights, reflections, and etc.
  • DEMO - glasses with pencil or automobile DLO (day light opening).
  • ASSIGNMENT - 3pages(8.5/11)- transparent objects w/chark and maker. bring wooden objects for next class
  • WOOD - study wooden surfaces, and grain
  • DEMO - sketch of wooden block w/marker and pastel, and prisimacolor pencils.
  • ASSIGNMENT - 3pages(8.5/11inch) - sketch wooden products. example - wooden toy, wooden furniture with grain. bring objects you want to draw next class (toy, diecast cars, and etc) - simple shapes are preferred

  • CHROME - reflection, study mirrored surfaces.
  • DEMO - marker and pastel cube and plot reflections, quick car sketch w/ reflections.
  • ASSIGNMENT - 30pages(8.5/11) design chrome objects with chalk and marker, reference demo. bring glass objects for next class.

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